“…and the Glory of the Lord shone around them…” (Luke 2:9)

As it was in those days the world was waiting – waiting for the promise – waiting for peace – waiting for that which they knew not – they just hoped.  When heaven descended and finally came into the midst of them they were full of fear.  They did not understand that this was the fullness of the plan and purpose of God.

Today the world is in a shambles!  Everyone speaks peace, but there is no peace.  The church is becoming stale, stagnated by its own inability to move forward into the unknown things of God.  Fear grips those who thought they knew the way, but have instead run into the darkness and fail to see beyond their own level of knowing their God.  They whisper, like shadows in the night, about God’s Will, but fail to walk in the path of Light and Love.  God shouts through the thunderous noise of 21st century warfare; speaks through the mouth of childhood memories, but still the blindness increases and deafness thickens its walls.  The church needs the light and radiance of His Glory!  Into this great need God – Emmanuel comes once again.  He speaks through the simple message of the Christ Child.

My own heart was struck recently by the thought that we cannot really know the meaning of the birth of Christ unless we know the meaning of His death.  To realize the purpose of His birth was His death and His death the only way for us to grasp the measure of the Father’s Love, this truly is the meaning of Christmas.

When we make room for this truth to enter the stable of our hearts, we are humbled and Christ Himself becomes the hope of Glory within and the peace of Christmas lasts forever.

Have a ‘glorious’ Christmas and let the Light of His Presence fill you with His everlasting LOVE!  Let the Christmas tree that holds your memories also remind you of the tree He hung upon to fill this season with such peace and joy.

Further reading:  Psalm 19; Exodus 15:1-18; Colossians 1:27