“Go then and make disciples…” [Matthew 28:29 AMP]

Are you ready for key #2—INVOLVEMENT—the whole purpose of being in the market places of the world is a mission of relationships. No hiding, no staying outside the arena of life or wearing the mask of make believe. It requires an introduction, vulnerability, and an exposure of who you are and how the journey of life has changed you. A missionary mindset is a risky business!  Telling your story will not always bring grand applause or the roar of cheers, for the gospel of Christ has been rejected by the unbeliever since the very beginning.

As a missionary you must offer God’s unconditional love—while being fully aware they may reject it, or use it to manipulate you—you give it anyway. The very essence of unconditional love is that the heart received it through suffering and only through suffering does the capacity to love as Christ grow.

Perhaps this is why we find it so difficult to be the broken bread and poured out wine that ambassadors of Christ are called to be. It is easier not to ‘become involved’. But let us not forget, the passion of Christ brought Him to earth to become ‘involved’ with us. We do not find it difficult as missionaries to become his hands and his feet but to become His heart makes the strongest among us faint of heart.

Pressing through the circle of pain allows healing and the place of pain becomes a conduit of power for others who take from us what they do not have and with it a little piece of our heart. We are changed and the aroma of Christ fulfills the mission bringing salvation to the world around us.


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