“Go then and make disciples…”  [Matthew 28:29 AMP]

Key #7 GIVE IT AWAY! We’ve all heard it…a bell is not a bell until you ring it…a song is not a song until you sing it…love is not given to you to stay, love is not love ’til you give it away.

Just a little country church—a gathering to praise this man called Jesus. Not just a few elderly folk of faith, as is often the case. No these were young people, men and women, broken people from broken homes and families—those who struggle with the enemy of their souls—drugs, alcohol and all kinds of addictions. They knew they needed… something.

I shared how God had sent an angel to pay my petrol bill—an actual documented miracle and the words Christ had spoken to my heart—“Diane I have paid the price and will keep on paying the price”. ‘Suddenly’ the Spirit said don’t just tell them, give it to them, release the gift of miracles into their lives.  It was then they came forward, open and ready to receive from their heavenly Father all they needed. As three of them wept their way to the altar our ‘suddenly’ God made them new creations and they were… born again! The following evening the message was different the miracles were the same as two more young people came with open hearts to receive Him. The greatest miracle ever told!

You are living in your mission field—tell them what God has done for you—pray for them and release this miracle working God into their lives. Love has not come to you to stay go to the lost and give it away, you’ll find in the giving that you will receive and all those around you will really believe! This man Jesus is truly the Son of the Living God!


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