“…now I’m telling you this: God himself will build you a house…”  [1 Chronicles 17:10b]

Just a glimpse of God will cause you to want to ‘do’ something for Him.  Yet right from the beginning when David wanted to build God a house.  God said in essence – hang on a minute I’m the one in charge here, I’m the one with the blueprint, the creative power and perpetual resources to complete the job! “…did I ever say to any of their leaders…..why have you not built me a house…?”  The house God built was IN David. God’s house [you] will simply carry His Name. [1 Chronicles 17:6]

Grasp a hold this morning of the pure joy of knowing God’s plan; He is doing the work IN David, and through his lineage God’s plan His house is being built.  Any striving on your part will stop the flow but letting go and rejoicing in who God is will perpetually turn Monday morning ministry into Monday morning miracles.

This house of God need only do one thing – carry His Name.  It was said of the Apostle Paul “…This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name…” [Acts 9:15]

Wherever God is there will be a manifestation of His power -something will be built, fruit will grow, and favor will be shown.  But the bottom line is this… His Kingdom will increase and remain forever and ever. Those in relationship with Him and each other are the instruments of grace in the market place -tried, true and treasured.  Christ shining through in all you do.  You may not see yourself as a minister but you are a powerful Monday morning ministry for God.

Further Reading:   1 Chronicles 17, Psalm 20; Proverbs 20

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