“…be strong all you people …and work for I am with you…”  [Haggai 2:4]

Living out your faith from Monday – Friday is no easy task.  Take courage and keep going.  Jesus knew what it meant to keep on keeping on in the tasks of life.    I came across these facts about Jesus and his life purpose being in the marketplace.

Of Jesus’ 132 public appearances in the New Testament, 122 were in the marketplace.  Of 52 parables Jesus told 45 had workplace content.  Of 40 divine interventions recorded in the book of Acts, 39 occurred in the marketplace.  Jesus spent his adult life as a carpenter until age 30 when he began his public ministry.  Jesus called 12 workers, not religious figures, to build the church.  The Hebrew word “Avodah” is the root from which we get the words work and worship.  Work, in its various forms, is mentioned in the Bible more than 800 times, more than worship, music, praise and singing combined. [Os Hillman]

For over a decade something has been evolving, there has been a transformation taking place in the corporate/commercial world and the source of these changes are the lives of Christians living life on purpose Monday through Friday.   This is God’s reformation – His great movement.  The ‘bridge’ from the church institution to church ‘at-large’ is being built through the lives of those working the work in Monday morning ministries.   God is infusing faith that fills the lives of God called men and women in the market place and the ‘church’ has been flattened out in the arena of the business world.

More than ten years ago God began preparing our ministry with the paradigm shift necessary in this awesome move of God.  Don’t look for the saw dust trails for revival, or the glitzy glamour of television stardom; look for the church triumphant in the warp and woof of everyday living, where you work and where you play,  “…first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head…the harvest has come”!  God is showing up!

Further Reading:   Haggai 2, Psalm 18; Proverbs 18

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