But let all those that put their trust in You rejoice: let them ever shout for JOY, because You defend them: let them also that love Your name be joyful in You.”   (Psalm 5:11)

Do you have trouble with those that speak of joy as though life was one big party?  Or have you been one to bear the sour looks of those that think there’s no room for joy in such a war torn, stress filled, turbulent tossed society?  Or have you received the looks of scorn when you continually know what it means to believe and expect JOY to bubble up within whenever you need it.  Well look again at this word and be blessed by who you are in Christ.

Repeat out loud this morning, “I put my trust in You (Lord) therefore I can always give a shout of joy, or you can say ‘YES” God has become my sure defense, He is my legal aid, “He is my ever present help in times of trouble”. (Psalm 46:1)

JOY is the imperturbable assurance that regardless of circumstances, situations, traumas or storms of life God is with us as Sovereign Lord of all.  As circumstances, situations, trauma or storms of life continue man needs something ‘other-worldly’ something supernatural to strengthen and encourage his heart. The JOY of the Lord is given for that very reason.  “For the JOY of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) It was the great man of God who was called, the minister with the laughing face, Andrew Alexander Bonar who said, “Love is the motive for working, joy is the strength for working”

As Christmas approaches be still and hear again the truth in the song, “JOY to the earth the Lord has come”.  Emmanuel—God with us—

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