Get up…take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt…Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.”  [Matthew 2:13]

Seems the more society tries to stamp out ‘Merry Christmas’ the more determined God’s people are to say it!  On thinking about it nothing has really changed—

I was reminded this morning about the Christ child and the vulnerability of ‘new things’– ‘especially this time of year’.  Just as the enemy desired to kill Christ—he still desires to kill the plans and purposes of God.

When lives are being touched anew—the enemy roams around—when there’s a new thing happening—when there’s a new job, a new church, a new ministry, a new relationship in Christ—or a whole New Year waiting to be lived!  Anything and anywhere God is working you can count on it the enemy will try to thwart God’s plan—but he cannot!

You would think God would protect from the attack, but God uses the damage to develop the new thing exactly into His mold and get it where and how He wants it to be.  To fulfill the scriptures it had to be Bethlehem.  Some would think a minor detail considering the great plan of God, but nothing is minor in God’s economy.  In all the damage done over the last year God is purifying and preparing His people to fulfill their destiny.

As you enjoy the merriment of this season remember God has every detail covered—stay close to His Word it will protect you, purify you and prepare you for every ‘new thing’ God has in store.

May you all have a glorious Christmas and a New Year

filled with His presence, power and peace!