For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord” [Isaiah 55:8]

Multi-tasking.  Great in the natural – proves how good you are at doing many things at once, being able to juggle many balls, filling a schedule and in the process make things happen!

However, it is not the same as being led by the Holy Spirit and experiencing His efficiency.  His guidance is motivated and maintained by God’s foreknowledge, plan and purpose.  There are risks to multitasking;

A greater potential for error, becoming insensitive to the needs of others, losing the ability to listen, the value of others is damaged, team building is hindered, ability to slow down and consider or meditate is slowly eroded, lose the ability to hear beyond ones-self, motivation becomes self-centered, must complete ‘my’ list, and often unseen loss of relationships!

Just as simplicity is only found on the other side of complexity, true efficiency is only developed by learning to focus.  Through focusing we learn flexibility and blessing is increased.

When God created all things He focused on one task at a time, but when it was accomplished He said – it is good!  Each task was special and needed His full attention.  He focused His thoughts on the specific.  Each task was separate.   There is a uniqueness that flows through each day and each task.  Each task was simple.  He knew what it was for and why He was dong it. Each task was spoken.  Energy was in the thinking and speaking, not the action.  As God, He had power to speak every task as already accomplished – and it was so.

Like the waves of the ocean there is a rhythm, an ebb and flow to God’s efficiency.  The Holy Spirit sets the beat and bears a level of production that outwits and outweighs the greatest multitasker. [Read: Genesis 1 for the secrets of God’s time management]