“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers” [Acts 2:42 NKJ]

God is perpetual movement…at the same time He is a ‘suddenly’ God.  He uses words like…keep watch…stay awake…keep your lamps trimmed…redeem the time…wake up…stay alert…  This does not mean be ‘hyped-up’ or anxious, stressed or on the edge believing ill or something untoward is about to happen.  It’s a message of wisdom—an urging to value preparation.

The grace of God never fails us, but we often fail the grace of God because we do not practice.  If we do not practice when there is no need, we shall never do it when there is a need. [Oswald Chambers]

So how do we practice our preparedness?  Be steadfast in these four basics…

1. Keep learning—”They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine…”  When you fail to learn you fail to grow, when you fail to grow you fall away from becoming a better you.

2. Keep building relationships—”They continued… in fellowship…”  Healthy growing relationships happen when the center piece of fellowship is Christ.

3. Keep an open door policy at home–”They continued…in the breaking of bread…”  Whether sharing the Lord’s Supper or sharing a common meal transparency happens when you ‘break bread’ together.

4. Keep on praying–”They continued… in prayers”  Begin with learning about Christ finish by walking in Christ—daily communion with Him—this is the practice of being prepared!

Further Reading:  Proverbs 16 ~ Matthew 25:1-13 ~ 2 Timothy 2

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