”…in the garden a new tomb in which no one had yet been placed…they placed Jesus in it.

[John 19:41 The Message]

There’s a clearing out—an eradication of the old.  Everything is new when space is provided for Almighty God.  The promise of The Holy Spirit filling and refilling this empty space is for all those who are willing to, “…Change your life, turn to God and be baptized, [immersed] …in the name of Jesus Christ…”  A new pattern will appear, a new way of doing things.

In the early days they committed themselves to the teaching.  They didn’t just learn by study they became the study for others to learn from.  They followed a daily discipline of worship; they shared their meals together and the expression of what they had received was a life of celebration and joy!

This ‘new place’ where Jesus comes alive is in Hebrew ‘bara’ – totally new, never been used before, no other pattern.  When the rush of the resurrection power moves through new places and spaces miracles happen.

Multiplication cannot come out of repetition…… that’s addition.  God is moving through the earth looking for an empty place and space where men and women will allow Him to bring something out of nothing and that ‘something’ will far exceed what man can ask or imagine!

Further Reading:  John 19