“…She said to her husband…let’s make a small room… then he can stay there…”  (2 Kings 4:9a, 10a)

All around the sounds of a Blessed Holiday Season ring the bells of the joy of God’s great visitation, but somehow for you there’s something missing.  What once was full of life now seems dry and dusty; desires once held are forsaken or simply forgotten.

Like the Shumanite woman at this special time you have been given an invitation.  An invitation for Him to make a divine visitation in your life.   You have enjoyed the fellowship with the One that has made Himself known to you, but your hunger has reached desperation, you are willing to ‘make room’ for more than fellowship, you are ready to receive His Glory and yield to His abiding presence.

If this holds some point of relativity to you then take a glance through the window of one women’s home and heart.  Through the eyes of the Shumanite woman in 2 Kings 4 we’ll see the action she takes during such a time and see her desire come true.

In our story from 2 Kings the woman is speaking of Elijah a type of Jesus Christ, she wanted to make room for the prophet, for the Glory, the visitation of God.  She provides a ‘room’ for Him, she made ‘space’ for Him to abide.  A place for Him to ‘stay’, to lie down, a resting place, a place to dwell.

To make a place for Him is to re-structure life, to reschedule days, to lay aside usual activities and ‘give space’ for the Lord and Master.  As the old year closes and the new year begins make room for His glory, He will penetrate the burial ground of your dreams, ignite your desires and give you hope for a miracle.

Making room for the presence of Almighty God is not an ‘add on’, it’s a heart shift that has a price tag, the price of commitment was paid before the miracle happened.

Further Reading:  2 Kings 4:8-17; Luke 9:23