Go and prepare the Passover for us, that we may eat” [Luke 22:8]

See the glorious power and strength of this man.   This is our role model; this is our Lord, our King and our Redeemer.  This is positive proof that in the midst of trial and tribulation we can be ‘perfectly composed’.   You say – is this for real?  This is the pattern given to us to follow – belief will release the power!

An attitude of perfect composure:  Jesus knowing what was about to take place.  He knew what was happening behind the scenes, life was no longer the norm.  All kinds of wickedness, evil and betrayal were upon Him.  He continued to do what He had been called to do.  He never wavered, He never hesitated, and He remained calm.

Live life to the full while lighting up the world around you with His mercy and love.  Some say it is the end times and surely it is, since the end time began at the moment of resurrection.  End time is a bookend to the Cross and the gap in between is the journey we take.  It’s thwart with trouble and trials of many kinds that only prove our love for God and our fellowman.  God’s Love is powerful and an attitude of the heart, it’s how we treat both friend and foe alike.

Further Reading:    Job 36:24-33; Matthew 22:37-40