“Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover” [Luke 22:8]

Oh to live in such a way that the greatest assignment known to man is accepted with such perfect composure.  Later there would be stress—stress to such degree our Lord would sweat drops of blood.  But for now the clear cut, totally focused composure would organize and direct the procedures to be followed.  There was nothing broken and nothing missing from the emotional engagement that Jesus the man had with the Will of his Father.

Jesus, the prophetic Spirit of God knew where to send His disciples, what they would find when they arrived, what they were to say, and how to complete their task.

When the fruit of the prophetic Spirit guards, governs and guides our steps then clarity of every assignment given will be accomplished with the same precision.  As it was with Jesus we as His disciples shall be able to say, “I do only what I see my Father doing” and know the wonder of divine direction in all our ways.

Though the way was long and troubled, the will was strong and sure—no element of evil could crease or mar or lure—the plan would be unfolded, the purpose made complete—the Sovereign God unswerving His Glory made replete.


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