It is finished!” [John 19:30]

When I go into the jails or spend time sharing the Word in the residential homes for women in recovery, we either begin or end in song.   Songs passed down through the ages like -“Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” or “The Blood will Never Lose it’s Power”.   It never fails, the Holy Spirit falls, tears and weeping are heard as repentance floods the hearts of precious souls.

The revelation of this power cleanses, heals and delivers and man steps aside and watches God seal the work and heaven echoes the AMEN to the words of Jesus when He said… it is finished.  Not in part, not just the starting gate for man to struggle against sin, to work the works of religious activity, or to make himself holy.  A resounding ‘NO’ …it is finished!   Nothing missing, nothing broken – it is finished.

Well-known author R.A.Torrey put it this way, “We must know the power of the blood if we are to know the power of God.  Our knowing experimentally the power of the Word, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of prayer, is dependent upon our knowing the power of the blood of Christ”

The Blood will Never Lose its Power    Listen – sing along and be blessed, then tell it to your family, your neighbors and friends and those you work with.  God has placed you where you are as a laborer in the eleventh hour harvest fields of the world; now work the work of the one that sent you and believe! From Genesis to Revelation the power of God is in the Blood sacrifice that was finished at Calvary.

Further Reading:  Exodus 12:29-30; 1 Peter 1:13-21;   1 Corinthians 10::16;