“Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace, for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the Lord, saying, The Lord is witness between you and me,” [1 Samuel 20:42]

Just as God needs relationship with Son and Spirit man needs relationship with God through the Son by the Spirit and must then in congruence to God’s ways relate to his fellowman.  It is here our connection with God is proved. As I listen to some who are followers of Christ the vacuum they live in creates a place of isolation, breeds deception and delusion and a dream is lost.

The greatest need to activate the goal and plan for an individual’s life is one of partnering in prayer.  I have been in a prayer partnership with a beloved friend since the conception of the ministry and the power of that relationship has taught me about the trestles that build a relational bridge with power to activate the plan.

A—accountability—no man is an island or a god unto himself.

C—confirmation of the Spirit’s leading.

T—truth and honesty create growth.

I—integrity without which no goal or plan of God will stand.

V—vision – in the unity of Christ’s Light is increase of Godly perspective.

A—attitude – without which the purity of heart is not accomplished.

T—trust is the major trestle that forms the relational bridge.

E—excellence – to do all as unto the Lord as excellently as is possible

You were not meant to ‘go it alone’ be in prayer partnership with a trusted friend and then enjoy the journey.

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