“…I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me…” [Philippians 3:14]

Yesterday we shared about priorities—a well used and sometimes overused principle of Kingdom living.  Over used because it can deceitfully drive us to maintain practical priorities that actually need changing—we miss the starting point of ‘keeping the main thing the main thing’ the priority of partnership with Christ.   So in the abundance of Kingdom living and service, how do we know what to do?

In defining what area of change is necessary Peter F. Drucker in his book Effective Executive– recommends the following practical guidelines that help us choose our ‘to-do-list”.

Pick the future over the past”.—Set your priories to match your desired destination and destiny in Christ.

Focus on opportunities rather than problems.”—Don’t ‘patch up’ or simply repeat the past.   In her book — The Path, Laura Beth Jones says, ” people who focus only on “what is” will create more of “what is,” People who focus mostly on “what could be” will begin to create “what could be.”

Choose your own direction“.—rather than climbing on the bandwagon, you are unique and God has a plan to ‘fit’ you.

Aim high.”—Aim for something that will make a difference, rather than something that is safe and easy to do.

In this global village called the world the pressures of being leaders at home, in the church or in the market place, require us to choose Godly priorities –people over programs –biblical perspectives over bottom line figures.  Changing and establishing a ‘to do list’ can only work and witness to Christ when we begin by partnering with Christ

Further Reading:  Psalm 139 – The Path – Laurie Beth Jones

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