“…When You Pray…” [Matthew 6:6]

Prayer, Spurgeon said is such that. “nothing happens without it but all things work through it.”

Pray without ceasing Paul said and to get to this place of prayer is a wonderful thing.  It is housed in the mind of Christ who is ever making intercession for us.  It accumulates in great peace and accommodates deep compassion.  It is the heart and the mind working in harmony with the thoughts of God.  Prayer meditates from a point of detachment, not hindered or hamstrung by the world or the work of the flesh.  This is all prayer.

Prayer may be offered while standing, sitting, walking and yes even talking.  Prayer is the whole heart and mind stayed upon God.  It can be visual, silent, a quiet whisper, or shout of joyful triumph.

Prayer can be while lying down; face down, rising up, or climbing the jagged mountainside or cliff.  Prayer is the entire being at one with the creator – man reconciled and relaxed in the presence of Holiness.  Prayer is the face of friends floating across the surface of the soul. Prayer listens and love is magnified.

Prayer is breathing in and breathing out in moments of transfixed glory.  All this and more is caught in the meaning of the command “When you Pray”.

Prayer grows, it develops, and it increases and decreases.  Prayer takes shape and form, it is secret, silent, and significantly more powerful than words can tell for surely God would rather have a heart without words than words without a heart.

Prayer is life, it rises and falls like the oceans ebb tide and sinks into stillness as solitude slowly closes the door.

Further Reading:    Psalm 25: 14 AMP;   Mark 1:35; Mark 6:46; Luke 5:16; Luke 22:41; Hebrews 7:25