Woman, you have great faith!  Your request is granted.”  [Matthew 15:21-28]

Something unusual, something different was about to happen.  In the middle of obediently following the Father’s will a miracle resulting in great increase was about to take place!

Perseverance is more than ‘hanging-in-there’.  Perseverance is the place of God’s promised increase and looks like this.

Whatever is asked of you will be ‘outside your expectations’.  A voice will come from a different direction and rub up against what you know to be the Father’s will.  It will not break the law that you live by.  It will be an opportunity to fulfill the law.

Meeting the challenge of fulfilling the law will always involve relationships, increasing the value of people and activating the power of changing the world, one person at a time.

Faith working through love that transcends the law and breaks through the ‘known boundaries’ brings increase and affects the nation. [Matthew 15:29-37]  Jesus fulfilled the law by loving people and rewarding one woman’s faith by hearing her request, causing a miracle and blessing the multitudes.

What voice do you hear this morning?  Listen close before you disregard it as ‘outside’ your ‘boundaries’.

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