”…for he was stripped for work—and sprang into the sea.”[John 21:7 AMP]

Receiving those who… come in the name of the Lord, the ordinary everyday guys who work the delivery system of God has an immediate effect.  It causes action!

Peter was already ‘stripped’.  He was prepared to do the work; he was comfortable in his own skin, in being who Christ had said he was.  He was Peter and God had promised to use Him to build His church.  Once Peter saw Jesus he literally ‘sprang’ into action.  Nothing could stop Peter!  He was ready for the work he had been trained to do.  He went to the shore line and began to ”…drag in the net full of fish”.

Peter was doing all he knew to do, fishing was his calling this was his vocation.  There were the others, they too were fishermen.   “What about them”, Peter asked, but Jesus said, – “none of your business” – you follow Me!

When Jesus comes and calls its time to spring into action.  It’s time to become that ordinary, everyday man or woman that boldly go where no man has been into the seas of the world. An ordinary person who feels the needs of people and tells them Jesus will come to where the need is.  We are called to be the uninterrupted power source [the UPS guy] for all those God sends across our path.

The ‘suddenly’ of God’s abundance revived Peter’s spirit and he sprang into action.  What Peter had seen he still shares with you and me, upon the Revelation of Jesus Christ given to Peter the church is still being built!

Further Reading:  John 21