“Do whatever he tells you…”  [John 2:5 NIV]

Trouble and triumph, life and death, sadness and celebration, problems and possibilities, mistakes and miracles—they don’t come individually or one at a time—they are ever present all the time clashing and colliding, interacting and interweaving through the journey of life.

At the moment of the miraculous Jesus was where Jesus always is—wherever people are—walking through the seasons, weddings, funerals, good times and bad times.  Jesus Christ is with you.

Some face the trials of life and want immediately to—get away—their mind says this couldn’t be where God is—I must find Him elsewhere.  If you cannot find God where you are there is little reason to think you will find Him where you are not!

It’s all a matter of finding Him where you are and focusing on His Presence rather than the problem.  Mary without hesitation told Jesus what was wrong and expected him to meet the need.  She ‘involved’ Jesus even though—‘his time had not yet come’.  It apparently didn’t occur to Mary to try to ‘fix’ it by human reasoning.  Human reasoning or ‘fixing it yourself’ will cause you to be double minded—this is the man that James says can receive nothing and knows nothing of trusting God’s love.

Turning to Jesus is based on awareness of His Presence and love—ask and you shall receive—the answer is found right where you are, what is needed, and focusing your faith on Him. You’ll find His direction to be very ordinary,”… Fill the jars with water…” but when you activate the direction and apply the Word given…you shall experience the miraculous power of God.

Further reading: Psalms 5-8 – John 2

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