Stirrings….A Prophetic Voice

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Stirrings From…


Revelation 6:1-8

I heard the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, they came and stood in the courtyard banging their hoofs against the stone, as if impatient to be gone.  Snorting loudly, their breath fragmented the cold damp air of the November night in England.

It comes now as a stirring in my spirit and encouragement for the days we are living in.

Tell the people…’I AM’!  Do not be shaken, do not hold back, move as one people who have grown in Grace and knowledge to display My love and splendor.  Though the oceans roar and nations war against nations it is not news, do not absorb its anger.  Go tell the Good News the only news conceived and to be considered for such a time as this.  I will fight those who come against you, you need only to rest in My unchangeable nature.  Just as Calvary has overcome your past and overcoming your present I AM have overcome your future.  Fear not, greater is He that is in you than all the enemies of the world for I overcame the world before time began. I will withstand those who deride My people and act against My plan for it is written in the Blood of Jesus Christ; it is My covenant for all those walking by faith in My Living Word.  What you see with the natural eye warns the world of My coming, those that give heed will be saved, those whose eyes are blinded by the world will die in their sin.  Though you are weak it is My strength that will empower you, it is My purpose alone that will endure.  I alone will profit your life for My Kingdom come and My will be done—you Oh man walk humbly before me and watch for My appearing.

January 2017 – Diane


Are You Leaving  a Legacy!

I’ve never been given to write from a spirit of anger, but now I am!  I am as angry as any of those who cannot accept the results of the nation to change leadership.  A change that hopefully will stop and stem the tide of evil that lies in the hearts of man and is exposed through lies and corruption.  To stop and stem the tide of individuals and nations that constantly mock America yet all the while taking money from her hard working citizens.  The twisted truth that we must take care of one another is just another form of communism—while people line their own pockets, it is an age old manipulation and is hidden in many layers of deceit.    How blind is the one who cannot see!  Whatever happened to “if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat”.

We have raised a world-wide generation that loves the entitlement life style—a lifestyle where everything is given to young and old alike, they neither work nor fight for what they believe in.  They only create chaos for their own selfish ends.

Nations lean on other nations, while their so-called ‘men’ leave their wives and families to the atrocities of war and run to another ‘entitlement’ nation to take care of them, fix their problems and keep them safe and ‘hope’ their families back in the war zone are okay.   Supporting others while they themselves work and if necessary help them fight for their lives is honorable and fulfills man’s purpose to ‘take care of others’, but the greatest rejection of who a person or nation is, is to do it all for them, make them co-dependent and ultimately control them.

I was raised in war-torn Britain, after one leader fooled us into thinking you could trust the enemy; a trust that plunged us into war, our leadership changed and would never give up, never give in and never give over the land we had been given, we knew it may take our lives, but so be it!  Thank God I had an earthly father who accepted that call and left a legacy that taught us we must work hard for what we wanted and fight for what we believed in and who then courageously went off to war.    Whatever happened to that courage and responsibility?  Codependency is a product of the 20 and 21st centuries that denies individual responsibility while blaming others for their condition and ‘claiming’ individual rights.  Independence is not a nasty word, it’s the product of an individual learning they are responsible for their choices and the consequences thereof.  This is a truth that permeates both the individual and a nation and the very essence of why this nation was established.  Every man has a right to choose.  He does not have the right to make others pay for it!

Time to wake-up, the reason mankind was plunged into darkness at the beginning of creation was a result of disobedience to God—a rebellion against the responsibility of making the right choices and living within God’s laws.  Freedom was never free; to run from responsibility is wrong, its neither Christian nor non-Christian, it’s a God established principle and nothing can change it.

Those that denigrate this nation are generally those who are part of the entitlement lifestyle and the only hope for them is that God’s people will effectively preach God’s word.  Without the truth everything else feeds the flesh and becomes non-effective.   God does not desire for any man to perish but, “How will they call on Him in whom they have not believed?  How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?  And how will they hear without a preacher?”

Diane M. Hale

November 2016



AMERICA…  the door has been opened and the spirit of Cain is on the rampage.  It is well known you cannot defeat your enemy if you are too afraid to speak out the enemy’s name and have the wisdom to know his strategy.  It’s too late to close the door, our enemy is Satan wrapped up in the black garb of radical Islam, the spirit of anti-Christ, he has been given entrance first in the hearts of the people and now through the borders of a country that at one time honored Almighty God as supreme potentate and therefore her borders were protected, but not today.

Call it what it is and then ponder.  The enemy is like a roaring lion and very radical but where are the RADICAL CHRISTIANS?  It could well be your State, your town, your business, your church or your family that is targeted next.  What are you willing to sacrifice?  What are you unwilling to turn away from?

God is looking for those offering themselves, their entire lives, as living sacrifices, not weak kneed, soft, comfortable, pleasure seeking, man pleasing, lukewarm Christians.  You can be sure God will spew these out of His mouth.

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship” [Romans `12:1]

Consorting with the enemy as Neville Chamberlain did during World War II, begins not in Washington but in the homes of good, quiet, comfortable Christians.  Those who have their names in the Lambs book of life, who have received salvation through the shed blood of Jesus but still sit on the pews at the gate of resurrection power and know nothing of the ascension power that is released through obedience.  Their lives are no different from the millions who have never met Christ!  The answer is found in this message by Michael Blackaby.

“Have you given up hope?”  Michael Blackaby asked the crowd of about 800 who attended Hiawassee’s National Day of Prayer(NDP) Breakfast, one of thousands of events across the United States involving millions of people who gathered to pray for the nation.  “Take off the grave clothes and let him go” summarizes the hope we have in Christ and Blackaby’s sermon which fanned the flames of faith and hope for America.  These words paraphrase those of Jesus who raised Lazarus on the fourth day after his death.  “We can’t afford to miss God’s perspective. If it seems God’s not answering, we never fully understood our situation,” Blackaby said.  According to him, Mary and Martha’s statement that Lazarus would not have died had Jesus been they illustrate that our limited view is different from God’s.  The Hebrews believed that the spirit left the body after the third day making it impossible for Lazarus to be healed.

It is at this juncture of man’s history that the exchange of man’s life or spirit with the Spirit of Almighty God takes over and empowers the fourth day.  Healing and resurrection are not the same though both are within the redemptive power of the Cross.  Healing—spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically is the progressive work or restoration that comes when the ascension power of God is released through radical obedience to the WAY of Christ—the Living Word of God—that is the journey of every RADICAL CHRISTIAN.  They are on their way to live in dominion power—to be seated with Christ in heavenly places living in His authority and overcoming every enemy known to man.

The Words of Moses are vibrant even today: “Let My People Go”, let every Christian leader stand down, step out or move over and allow the power of God to bring total deliverance, take off the grave clothes!  The Israelites were God’s people but they were not free—the church is full of God’s people but they are not all free or moving in the awesome anointing and power of the ascension.  The road was not easy and all could not complete the journey because it was a highway through the desert, a journey that only obedience created as a highway of holiness.

Diane – June, 2016


This is Kairos time, strategic alignment is taking place and many are in the valley of decision.  Hold fast to what I have given you and live in the revelatory power of My ascension.  Greater works than these require the dominion power that I am even now pouring out on My chosen ones.  Those who care not for their lives but are saved through the blood of My Son and the Word of their testimony…He is both, the beginning and the end.  By His Name your enemies shall bow the knee and by His Name strongholds shall fall.  Those who suffer with me shall reign with Me and those that heed the call shall be used for great expansion of My Kingdom.  The power of My presence with you is enough!  Go gently and humbly through the gateway of My choosing and behold the fullness for which you have been chosen.  Those things that are needful even before you speak, shall be made evident.  My grace goes before you to restore all that has been laid down, this is the inheritance of My people.

April, 2016



Stir yourselves, break the lamp and blow the trumpet!

It is my power that is the light of Gideon’s Lamp and the noise of Gideon’s trumpets.  Lift Your voices then and know that the Sword of the Lord is with you.  You have struggled much but I have seen, you have wondered and through your wondering you have wandered away thinking that so natural a thing could not withstand the great multitude but I Your God am in the midst of you.  Even your enemies shall recognize and acknowledge who you are.  You shall not fear in my presence but rather hold high the light, shout loud the praises from your heart and see the salvation of My people.  I am God and I shall not fail, My plan cannot be thwarted.

Small may be your numbers but your size is not the measure of what I am about to do—it is My presence and power that fills the earth I have sent My angelic armies to war on your behalf.  Only believe My people and stand firm in who I have made you to be.  What has passed has prepared you for such a time as this and though you are weak I am strong.  The victory is already mine, I shall vindicate.

FEBRUARY 2016:  Judges 7:19-21


My ways are not your ways but as you watch and listen My ways will become like shining jewels on the pathway of your life. No man can hold back what I have purposed and when the flesh rises My mercy overcomes without
hesitancy for My ways and purposes are always for your good and My glory. Look and gaze at the summer releasing itself to the autumn, the stillness is provided by the root system I have created and formed for My seasons.  Only the self can mar the beauty and cause a turbulence in the soul.

As the roots respond to the source of their existence they stand firm, there is no inner struggle to cause the mighty oak to have the knurled trunk or twisted limb, those are formed by the external storms that ravage the earth yet still they shape the tree and add to inner life, and so bear witness to its strength.

Just as the sun rises and sets these trees reflect My eternal control and love for all I have created. Every moment of your natural existence is a golden thread I have knitted to weave this love into and through your life until all is
saturated and become the spiritual existence I have planned, prepared and purposed for all mankind.
October 2015



Transition into the eternal is pushing the envelope of faith beyond the known into the unknown and reflects a trust level never before experienced.  The only response is TRUST; remember the rock from which you were hewn, no tool of man is heard in the shaping of God’s Holy Temple.  The law has requirements—kingdom living operates out of Love that knows only DESIRE that flows from devotion not duty.  I desire obedience not sacrifice says the Lord.  Difficulty arises when you can no longer initiate in the usual way, previous patterns of productivity no longer work for you. I will not use your reasoning for My Spirit works not through your head but through your heart.  Your intellect shall be brought low so that the mind of Christ might rule.   DESIRE is the power of a breathless need to know and be known by Me.  Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, mow it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it?  I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.   Faith activated by love through trust will leave the past behind, will not consider or meditate on the old way of doing things. Behold and take ownership of the new way of doing things.  Watch for the NEW WAY.  Listen for instructions.  Things that seem impossible shall be made possible.  I will not allow you to use My glory of your efforts, but I shall use your efforts for my glory!

Diane Hale – August, 2015




“Now as He drew near, He saw the city and wept over it…”

As it was in the days when Jesus walked on earth as man, God is weeping over America!  His Spirit is being withdrawn as One no longer welcomed in the Whitehouse, the courts of law or the hearts of those who govern this land.  Through the unholy light that shines from the hill of this nation the people are at the mercy of wickedness and evil.  Chaos rumbles and roars its way across this once great land.  Children and adults alike are no longer safe.  When man lies down with man and woman with woman it strikes the very heart of God’s intention; it is the bottom of the pit from which there is no escape, apart from the mercy and grace of God.  This is not God’s judgment, but rather the consequence of rebellion and the refusal to know the Lord our God is One.  He is a jealous God and desires that we, “…shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

Like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah lust for self gratification has blinded the eyes of the people, it is the dead-end of a long travelled road of selfishness and greed.  A crashed and broken economy is not the end of the line, but the thick penetrating darkness when all light is removed from man’s heart and nothing but fear remains.

Awake Oh church, come to your senses, Bride of Christ prepare your lamps and bring forth the high praises of God.  Do not keep silent, but let your voice be heard, “For your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you.”  Jesus said, “I tell you that if these [my disciples] should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out”

Into this scene Christ comes and once again it is written, “Jesus wept” death had overtaken His people, their refusal to believe had left them vulnerable, but into this scene Christ in mercy appears and cries “I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.  Do you believe this?”  

Genesis 19:11; Deut. 6:4-5; Isaiah 60:1-2; Luke 19:40-41; John 11:25-26,

July 3, 2015



God calls to greater fulfillment not destruction—the violence, hate, wars, rumors of wars, the earthquakes, flooding all and more are evidence and fruit of the destruction of sin that separated man and earth from God’s presence.  Those that refuse to turn to Him will remain caught in the process of death, but those that turn to God will know the power of His mercy, the compassion of His great Love and the wonder and joy of His Presence.  He speaks to those who choose to turn and listen in terms of great endearment.  Soft and simply I hear Him today….

This is a cross over point of fulfillment of destiny—a doorway that opens wide into the future of great increase and the developing of horizons you never knew possible.  Trust and rely upon My great love it will astonish and astound you by its power and authority. 

The Words I speak are life they have within them strength and power to put action to faith.  The step of faith is the key to unlocking your future

Take my hand and you shall see how great and mighty I can be.  We’ll go through doors you never knew and see the sight of all things new.  I won’t go fast, but you can rest and time is filled with all the best of things yet dreamed and visions won until your task on earth is done.  Lo come now drink of My sweet flow and share the joy of heaven below among the ones I send you to and life shall be created new.

As you listen close to all I say and then My words to obey I’ll show you things beyond compare of light and love and things to share.  A rubber stamp is not My way, but always fresh to you each day.  Come live and laugh and love through Me and those with ears shall hear My plea. 

All time and space can never hold the love I have when you are bold—to share My word to lead My way, My voice to hear and then obey.

June – 2015


March 4, 2015:     This night I believe the angel of the Lord spoke into my heart the following conversation.   The Word [breath of God] seem to be directed right over my lungs.



Now that the past season is closed and we are moving into a new season I sensed I should share the following.   Above is an excerpt from my journal.  It is what the Lord gave me prior to the visit to the doctor who diagnosed ‘cancer’.   I was awakened to the most extraordinary closeness of God hovering [breathing] over me and the following message was conveyed while I listened for the meaning.

At the close of the conversation I went to my computer and was given the picture and meaning in the attached.  If you remember previous to this, twice I had been given a ‘word’ that God had dissolved the tumor.

I was very puzzled when days later the doctor said—cancer.  However I was then reminded that the Voice and Spirit of Jesus Christ [God–John 1:1 and Revelation 19:10c]  is both present and future—in other words ‘no time zone’  Between the time God visited and the present, He has used the surgeon to remove the tumor and I have no evidence of cancer.  This is the reality of the prophetic Word it is both in the present but flows through and revealed in the future.

June 2015




You have come into the world for such a time as this.  You have been prepared and made ready for these times as a light in gross darkness.  I am sifting you in such a way that your ears will hear only My voice and in the hearing of My voice you shall see those things which are to come.  Like bread baked at the perfect temperature the fires of life have caused My people to rise as My church, My body.  It is time for the manifestation of My people to rise in Unity for they cannot live as separate parts of the same body.  You will find there is great peace and rest as you allow and honor every part of My body to become their place of divine connection.

This is My doing and nothing is needful but My power which is My Love.  The world shall know you by this identification that you Love one another.  Judgment is mine and I shall repay and vindicate.  As a mother releases the babe from the womb, you are being released into the earth for My glory.

Hold fast to that which you received from the beginning and you will find that the One had holds you will never let go.  Watch, wait and behold the new thing I am doing in the earth.  New to you, but I am simply working out My purpose and My plan.  Great is the rejoicing of those that receive and know this truth.

JANUARY – 2015



Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid for I have a place for you to dwell and it is here in this environment of faith that you may dwell in peace.  Looking not to the right or to the left but looking unto Me for I am the author and the finisher of your faith!  I have provided the way that issues forth the life that is eternal, it does not ‘break-up’ or break down, it does not burn up or burn down in the storms of life….but stands—My people will not falter or fail but in the final hour find rest for their souls and peace in their hearts.  Hold firm to what you have been given and let no man steal your crown.  You have little faith but it is enough to procure all that is needful in this day.  Like the fresh manna given to the Hebrew children, you will find it as you seek it, and you will seek it when naught else is your desire.  Such is the substance of your faith and such the strength of your days.

August 29, 2014


Stirrings…a prophetic voice

Behold your healing and walk in it!   My anointing rests upon you this day for a special purpose

Glimpse the restoration, the fullness that I have and am restoring you to. The body can only receive this blessing as it yields its total being.   Be still and know that I am God. The fresh anointing for the new season, new position and new work.   Everything is possible and can happen in this place of overcoming power.  Like riding in a chariot no effort is needful—no effort from the self is required.

By My Spirit –the Word lifts off the page –comes alive and makes all things desired manifested.  You must simply yield in Holy expectation of My power and authority.  Be still, I am saturating you.  The root rises to a stump the stump to a trunk to bear branches that grow fruit.  All this I do because I love you.  Keep moving forward, keep listening and keep trusting this is My work and I will what I will for your good and for My glory.   I am  a God of Love not of judgment—My Son was sent into the world for this end, that man would know without  the shedding of His blood all men were judged—the curse has gone out throughout the whole earth and no man can escape but by the Blood.   Man has brought upon himself judgment by his disobedience I the Lord have covered the sin for all those that come to My Cross as the redemption and restoration of all things.

“For everyone born of God overcomes the world.  This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.  Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.”  1 John 4:5-6

July 5th. 2014




You are mine and I love you, I will cause you to hear the still small voice as you wait upon me, trust me, and rest in what I have already accomplished in your salvation.  Triumph is always revealed in testing and comfortable places are always stirred to give greater freedom.   Decisions are never to produce bondage, and new paths never create snares.  Go in freedom and trust that all things are working together for your good.  Your life is written and My Spirit is performing those things necessary.  I am preparing you for the next season, this is why it is right that you trust and do not delay in any way the freedom that is yours.  Freedom is always about choices.  When your choices have others in mind, and they do, then I will organize and orchestrate the way that you go.  

“My sheep hear My voice, and I knwo them, and they follow Me”   –John 10:27–




Let the little children… come unto me

“Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift? The fruit of the womb his generous legacy?” Psalm 127:3]

Every problem an individual or nation faces is, at the root, a spiritual problem.   Only those seeing life through the lens of The Holy Spirit will understand that the issue is not politics, the economy or poverty.  The issue is spiritual.   Developing the horizons of our communities to influence and affect this nation begins in the smallest of them.  It is here in the grass roots that dreams, visions, and hopes of “we the people” move us forward.   A pioneer spirit, once stirring deeply in our hearts but now crushed into servitude, is not the destiny of a people chosen by God!

History teaches that the compass of man’s life is moral and, once broken on a large scale, nations fall and crumble.  Yet there is always a remnant, a group that has not, nor ever will yield to the battering ram of temptation, the self destruction of consuming upon its own lusts the very blessing and freedom that created this nation.  These are those with the spirit of the pioneers, men and women who were willing to risk all for a new land, pioneers who kept moving toward the sunrise, heading for the horizon.  They were seeking new places, new cultures, and new beginnings.  As they conquered each new frontier and touched the horizon, the desire to reach into the unknown infused them with courage.  Outer space or cyber space — nothing can stop the pioneer spirit that this nation was founded upon.   Pioneers are prepared to keep going, to journey on, to stay on the path. Vision empowers perseverance in a world that taunts and tests with persecution.  All along the way, pioneers have insight given to them.  ”Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

Were these pioneers the prophets of their day, men and women who listened to the moral compass within and followed the course predestined while they were yet in their mother’s womb?  Strangers in a foreign land and much like the Israelites of old, they moved into this land of promise, drove their stakes into the land and persevered so that posterity could prosper.  Where are these pioneers, these visionaries of old, now?

They are those who would move mountains for the common good of man; they would build great places of healing, education, and scientific exploration.  Something happened; something is stealing away the rights and privileges; something has upset the balance and the compass spins in all directions.  How do we come back?  How do we refocus?  Only God can draw, like a magnet, people back to Himself; only He can reset the compass and point the hearts of people to due north.   Let our hearts cry for new eyes to see and ears to hear.   We must watch and wait and allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse and readjust our sight to higher realms and deeper understanding.

This nation that is sin sick from the murder of millions of unborn babies is now faced with an awesome opportunity of opening its borders to thousands of children from other lands.  They too flea from the tyranny and bondage of wicked men and women.   What mercy and grace would risk giving such responsibility to those who have failed so miserably.  We can look again with the eyes of the creator God and see the manner of His love.

Only God knows the deep things and only He can extract the precious out of the vile.   Christian, let your voice envelope all other voices until there is a sound from heaven that sends a tsunami of wisdom and compassion across this land.





We must know that God is leading in triumph!  Keep moving forward with your eyes on the Lord.  These are awesome times and God is ‘out-front’ everything shall be according to His plan and purpose, nothing can stop it.  Do not even think about how you feel—we do not live by feelings we live by the fact of the Word of God that says nothing is too hard for Him, every mountain shall be made low and every valley raised up!  If it were not for the difficult seasons that we have been through we could not stand but He knows the way we take and what it takes to cause the strength of His Presence to create vessels of His making.  This last crisis has been to bless us with the knowledge that He will mend every broken place and clean out every blockage and make the river of His life flow!  He is moving us through these ‘light afflictions’ from strength to strength and from glory to glory!

2 Corinthians 4:17; Psalm 84:5-7

Diane Hale – 3-12-2014



My people are as many as the grains of sands of the ocean—look and see—have I not fulfilled My word to Abraham!  There is a turbulence—not as in the storms of life but a deep turbulence that is churning within my leaders.  They are unsettled, deep is calling to deep.  The anchor of their soul is being moved by the depth of the river of life that I have released.

I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys.  I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.  I will put in the desert the edar and the acacia, the myrtle and the olive.  I will set pines in the wasteland, the fir and the cypress together, so that people may see and know, may consider and understand, that the hand of the Lord has done this, that the Holy One of Israel has created it.”   [ Isaiah 41:18-20]

 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city.  On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month.  And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations”  [Revelation 22:1-2]

Diane Hale – October 7, 2013




Stirrings Stirrings From the Cypress Tree…. 

The fruit of My presence reveals My people have been—founded and established by faith, fearlessly moving forward and forged to fit the work.

You are mine and My Word shall not return void but it shall accomplish all that has been destined in your life.  Even those things thought to be dead shall spring forth with life.  I have watered and I even now nurture the seeds that have been sown, the way has been hard but your heart is mine and I shall repay says the Lord.  Great shall be the fruit of these days as you move in Me along the path that I have set before you.  Lean hard child and remain in My love, remain in My peace, let My joy flow out of you like a river that knows no bounds for I shall continually reset any boundary line that I have chosen.  Live into what I have already provided for you, there is so much more for I shall provide ALL that is needed to fulfill My plan, My purpose for your life.   Let My mercy sweep over every care.  Every thought of lack is washed away by My provision, let nothing impinge but stay in the palm of my hand and receive.

Isaiah 55:1-9

“Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress tree”[v.13]

Diane M. Hale – 7/2013




Stirrings From the Mulberry Tree….

The feet of time are swift and sure, impending death is Satan’s lure. Look now to Zion, hold fast your stare, My angel host will meet you there.

Don’t turn your eyes from the justice seat, therein My Glory will be replete. I hear the cries of pain and need as horse hooves stamp on death’s dark deeds.

Relinquish now your hold on self and I will show My kingdom wealth. The day has come the hour is nigh, I rise to comfort My desire.

“Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because he has roused himself from his holy dwelling.” [Zechariah 2:13]




Stirrings From the Olive Tree....

As knots unravel and the ship is launched it will ride the waves in the currents caught. The open sea is destiny to chart a course that pleases Me. No land in sight, or guiding star if you remain just where you are. But as you launch into the deep My voice awakens those who sleep. For tossed and turned the choice is made to heed the voice His will obeyed. To trust the one who built the ship and heed the One who holds the pitch. As from the roaring waters flow a place of safety you shall know and peace not known upon the land but here on open seas is planned.

Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” [Luke 5:4]




Stirrings From the Mulberry Tree….

When your heart is lifted up to Me then the eyes of your understanding are opened. It is the Springtime of spiritual life for My people. The sun is moving quickly to reposition, reaffirm and renew the call of My Spirit. Things will be warming up; the sound of the chirping of the birds is heard. Closure to the past season has been completed. Be still in your heart and steady in hand for the harvest is great and plentiful.

“The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land” [Song of Solomon 2:12]


You are not alone, you know this but you walk a lonely road. The path is narrow but the ground beneath your feet is wide, secure and stable. I have planned it this way so that your balance comes from the strength and integrity within. I am molding the columns in my temple and a column must be free standing, unfettered and unattached to the sub-structures used in the past to promote and provide safety during the growing seasons. The columns in my temple stand on the same foundation but do not lean to the left or to the right. The emotional strength and healing necessary is by virtue of its use, a lonely place. It is like unto the ‘barren place’ that my servant Isaiah spoke of, it is a place of singing, a place of change, a place of new birth. Like the caterpillar waiting to become the butterfly it is quiet, hidden, silent and safe only as it remains in the resting and waiting position. To ‘reach-out’ or interact beyond My leading would damage the transformation process and lesson the value of that which is being made. Draw close and be still, wait upon Me and you will rise as the eagle. I have given you of recent days, the word about clutter, the scripture regarding the eagle, and the metamorphosis of the butterfly, and even the message of change. Allow your ears to grasp those things until they form the miracle of substantiation—My word becoming alive and tangible in your inner being.

Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her seven pillars” [Proverbs 9:1]


Everything will grow in March—this is a season of growth but much will be different. The seeds sown in the past will begin to sprout up and you will be surprised by joy. Watch for the coming of morning as the light of day dawns and the darkness of the night is flung aside, so shall your days be. There is nothing missing, nothing broken, or nothing lost but all has been kept for My perfect timing. In your heart you know this already, only the light of the eye can see beyond the natural into the truth and the ever unfolding destiny that I have waiting for you. There will be many more who will come and drink, they will come and receive, and all will be well nothing can come nigh unto your tent. You dwell with me in the secret place and a secret place is not easily reached nor often seen by others. Be at peace my child, you have never been away from My presence and I watch over you with a very jealous eye. The sense of My presence that you have known of late shall increase as you rest with calm assurance in knowing the door is open and you continually are led by My Spirit to walk through. How deep is My love for you, …

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”


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