Where do you want us to prepare?” [Luke 22:9]

All the devious plans of men, betrayal by a friend, and nothing deterred Jesus.  His heart and thoughts were on what His Father had told him. Whatever was happening around Him, Jesus maintained His confidence.   He quietly continued with the plans and preparation that would normally fill this particular day.

He was still the great miracle worker.  Even as He instructed His disciples as to what they should do in preparation for His death, He was performing the miraculous.

With an attitude of quiet confidence He prophesied in detail.   He told Peter and John specifically what they would find when they got there.   It would be easy to recognize a man carrying a jar of water, because women usually carried the water from the wells to their houses.  The two disciples were to tell the person who owned the house that the Teacher wanted to use the guest room to eat the Passover with His disciples.  Talk about knowing your goal and having detailed instructions.  The attitude of quiet confidence reveals that when God governs a life He directs a life, and when He directs a life everything is prepared ahead of time.  His instructions were very specific revealing His was an all knowing God and a God of perfect timing.

If your goals are God given you can have a quiet confidence and know whatever you need is waiting for you at the appointed time!

Further Reading:  Galatians 4:4-7; Luke 22:10-13