“…I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” [Luke 22:15]

This quiet confidence was birthed in a divine desire to fulfill the Will of His Father.  Yet along His way that desire found a longing within it to fellowship with those He had walked and talked with for so long.  This divine desire would create a memory that would call to mind who He was, what He had done, and all He had promised.  “Do this,” He said, “…in remembrance of me”.

The road to God’s will is never walked alone—even the Son of God knew the human desire of being with those He had grown close to.  To share the suffering as well as the joy is the fullness of relationship garnered in Christ, a fellowship ring that is eternal and speaks of commitment one to another.

This quiet confidence of the man Jesus knew this was not the end but just the beginning.  Divine desire would be fulfilled when in future days many sons would join the ring of fellowship and sup one with another.

To count the cost we all must come alone and unsupported but when the veil is stripped away, the promise to fulfill, we know the joy of many sons who climb this lonely hill.  The life He gave is ours to live, the Cross our joy to bear—and in the fellowship of saints our tears and joy we’ll share.


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