Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float” [2 Kings 5:1-7]”

Excitement is real. but it’s not reality.  Vision is real, but it’s not reality.  Your plan is real, but it’s not reality.  Reality is what hit’s you in the face when the excitement wears off, when the vision fades, when your plans go every way, but the expected way!  It is then God’s presence reveals the reality behind the reality and learning about His reality really begins.

The young students from Elisha’s school of prophets were anxious to leave the schoolroom of learning behind.  They had set their hearts on building and the quickest and seemingly the smartest thing to do was borrow some tools.  Elisha, knowing the zeal of their hearts also knew they would have to turn what they had learned in the schoolroom into reality by experiencing real life problems; problems which would give them their own reality and forge their own tools for building.

Elisha knew that what they desired to build was impossible except for the grace of God.  Only He could mold them and hold them in His hands.  They could do nothing separated from Him, like the weight of the axe their human nature would case them to sink and separate from the very hand that had guided them thus far.

In his book ‘On The Anvil’Max Lucado says, “Judas bore the cloak of religion, but he never knew the heart of Christ.”  The truth is that the reality behind the reality is the heart of the Father – seeking and knowing him in the problems of life creates the character that the Father uses to build His kingdom.

Today if you have problems you have the potential power to build a better you and influence the world for Christ.  I challenge you to allow the power of God to bring you up from the bottom and stay in the Father’s grip!

Further Reading:   2 Kings 5; Psalm 34; Proverbs 22:1-16