Let the little children… come unto me

“Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift? The fruit of the womb his generous legacy?” Psalm 127:3]

Every problem an individual or nation faces is, at the root, a spiritual problem.   Only those seeing life through the lens of The Holy Spirit will understand that the issue is not politics, the economy or poverty.  The issue is spiritual.   Developing the horizons of our communities to influence and affect this nation begins in the smallest of them.  It is here in the grass roots that dreams, visions, and hopes of “we the people” move us forward.   A pioneer spirit, once stirring deeply in our hearts but now crushed into servitude, is not the destiny of a people chosen by God!

History teaches that the compass of man’s life is moral and, once broken on a large scale, nations fall and crumble.  Yet there is always a remnant, a group that has not, nor ever will yield to the battering ram of temptation, the self destruction of consuming upon its own lusts the very blessing and freedom that created this nation.  These are those with the spirit of the pioneers, men and women who were willing to risk all for a new land, pioneers who kept moving toward the sunrise, heading for the horizon.  They were seeking new places, new cultures, and new beginnings.  As they conquered each new frontier and touched the horizon, the desire to reach into the unknown infused them with courage.  Outer space or cyber space — nothing can stop the pioneer spirit that this nation was founded upon.   Pioneers are prepared to keep going, to journey on, to stay on the path. Vision empowers perseverance in a world that taunts and tests with persecution.  All along the way, pioneers have insight given to them.  ”Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

Were these pioneers the prophets of their day, men and women who listened to the moral compass within and followed the course predestined while they were yet in their mother’s womb?  Strangers in a foreign land and much like the Israelites of old, they moved into this land of promise, drove their stakes into the land and persevered so that posterity could prosper.  Where are these pioneers, these visionaries of old, now?

They are those who would move mountains for the common good of man; they would build great places of healing, education, and scientific exploration.  Something happened; something is stealing away the rights and privileges; something has upset the balance and the compass spins in all directions.  How do we come back?  How do we refocus?  Only God can draw, like a magnet, people back to Himself; only He can reset the compass and point the hearts of people to due north.   Let our hearts cry for new eyes to see and ears to hear.   We must watch and wait and allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse and readjust our sight to higher realms and deeper understanding.

This nation that is sin sick from the murder of millions of unborn babies is now faced with an awesome opportunity of opening its borders to thousands of children from other lands.  They too flea from the tyranny and bondage of wicked men and women.   What mercy and grace would risk giving such responsibility to those who have failed so miserably.  We can look again with the eyes of the creator God and see the manner of His love.

Only God knows the deep things and only He can extract the precious out of the vile.   Christian, let your voice envelope all other voices until there is a sound from heaven that sends a tsunami of wisdom and compassion across this land.