“…love covers over all wrongs…” [Proverbs 10:12b]

Love that is able to cover is love that –values others and loves beyond their own feelings–their own sense of ‘rightness’ and paves the way for healing and wholeness.

God loves you and so do I–having made that remark to a friend her response surprised me–yes she said I know God loves me because He is love but it’s good to hear you love me too.   It was the phrase that–God is love–that came with that extra light.   Not a new thought but a new depth of understanding.  Love covers over all wrongs; the phrase makes us feel uncomfortable when hurting from snapping words or wrongs done to us.   But this is God’s Love that covers–something we know nothing about until we see the Cross as the measure and drink from the cup of His choosing.

Relationships that grow require this covering of God’s love for ‘all’ wrongs and it’s not easy.  Man always splutters dispute in his effort to maintain his self-righteousness.  Traveling with the Master was no different–Do you want us to rain fire down on them Lord, said the disciple, how many times do I forgive said Peter, and Jesus said, “This is My commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.”  “It is not done once and for all; it is a continual steadfast, growing habit of life “[Oswald Chambers]

Love is the conduit of Kingdom growth and every heartache is healed when it is given away it is the link between the Cross and the Crown.

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