Do not neglect the special gift that was given to you…Give your whole attention, all your energies, to these things” [1 Timothy 4:14, 15 J.B. Phillips]

I have spent many years disciplining and helping others ‘find their fit’ in the Kingdom of God and in the process the Holy Spirit continually exposes three major realities.

  1. The foundational fact that the ‘gift’ is Christ Himself—the essence of Life—He is the energy and source of all other gifting. Jesus said, ”I came so they can have real eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of” [John 10:10 TM]
  1. This ‘gift’ activates every dormant seed of creativity, but development makes ‘finding our fit’ impossible without true heart surrender. Everyone, male or female, knows the frustration of trying to find an ‘off-the-rack-suit’—one that fits exactly to their form, shape, size, color and style, one that seems to be ‘made just for them.’  What a wonderful difference and sense of self-worth comes from having something ‘tailor made’—this is God’s desire because He has your unique pattern and design.

Then there is number three, the ‘place’ of gifting.  Doing the ‘right think’ in the wrong place ends in wounded hearts—broken relationships and hindered ministry.  To open our own doors, to run when we should be resting, to walk when we should be waiting, these grow from impatience and end in disappointment and confusion

The Holy Spirit works within revealing the distinctive gifting of unique design—dignity, position, and purpose—all come from within.  He who directs our steps will also lead us to the ‘place’.  When we step into that ‘place’ gifts will blossom—it is always a place of rest

Further reading: Proverbs 21; Hebrews 6