”…coming up out of the graves after His resurrection, they went into the …city and appeared to many” [Matthew 27:53

Wow!  Jesus didn’t wait for the disciples to ‘get it’.  He was able to raise the dead to ‘carry His Name’ into the Market Place!   What they had was the resurrection power.  The only credentials they had were – their presence, and their message – I was dead now I’m alive!  Glory to God!

There is the obvious lesson here that the old is gone before the new can come.  The flesh is dead and buried before the spirit is totally resurrected. This doesn’t happen in the head.  You can be brain dead and still maintain natural life.  New Life, resurrected life happens in the heart when the knife of the heavenly surgeon cuts away all earthly desire, every human idol, and all self satisfaction.

“When the soul gives up its own thoughts of what Christianity is and yields itself, heartily, humbly, and patiently to the teaching of the Word by the Spirit, the Father will do His blessed work He will prune and cleanse away all of nature and self that mixes with out work and hinders His Spirit” [Andrew Murray-The True Vine]

Our Father will do the work cutting away disease and death, cleanse the system and cauterize the wounds until we walk into the market place in resurrection power.  “Blessed is the man…whose confidence is in him. “  [Jeremiah 17:7]

Further Reading:   Matthew 27, Psalm 24; Proverbs24

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