”Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”  [Revelation 3:20]

The doorbell rang and there stood a young lady—she had found a stray puppy and was trying to find where he belonged—

I remembered that not too long ago this young lady had ‘lost’ two pets—she knew the heartache that comes with loosing something she had loved and had great compassion for a little lost puppy.  The puppy was afraid and somewhere, someone was longing and looking for him.  We talked for a while and I gave her what help I could.   Then going inside I thought what a joy it was for people to ‘ring the doorbell’.

Later it rang again and friends stopped by to return a plate that had one time held cookies shared in fellowship and the plate was being returned to where it belonged.

Seemed to me as though the Spirit was speaking about ‘belonging’—everything has a home—a place where it is cherished—Jesus had a home—a place of belonging, a place he had been willing to leave—to go outside His borders and search out those who were lost—those who had ‘no’ place, those who needed others to take their hand and lead them back to where they belonged—

Discipleship is all about helping others find their place of belonging—being the voice, the hands and feet that carry the message.  When ‘home’ is found the connection is one of joy and fellowship.  The keeper of the house will recognize what already belongs and quickly usher them into the warmth of belonging— The message is always the same…welcome home…the cost has been covered, the price has been paid what once was lost has been found, there’s no mistaking the sense of belonging in a place called home—

Further Reading:  Ruth – Mark 9

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