If my people would but listen to me, …how quickly would I subdue their enemies…”  [Psalm 81:13-14]

There are many instruments God uses to break through man’s apathy, lethargy, and deafness, until finally trauma, tragedy, or some form of crisis runs rampant through his world he becomes sensitive and man cries out to God—

Recently I listened as one young man explained that the guys on the football team shaved the hair off  their forearms to lessen the pain of being hit on the field.  Then there was the History channel talking of ‘lizard like animals’ that live in underwater caves who, not having any eyes could not see but sensitivity was given through hair like follicles on their hind legs.

Sensitivity is a gift of God and necessary for every living creature, without it natural life has less warning signals.  Spiritual sensitivity is no different, there for a reason it is a detection system to protect, provide and reveal God’s purpose for our lives, Job said,

A spirit glided past my face, and the hair on my body stood on end”  [Job 4:15]  That’s spiritual sensitivity!

We must train ourselves to develop a keen sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit until the slightest impression stills our hearts to listen.  If we do not, the opposite affect takes place.  What we see in society is deception that begins slowly, like a creeping plague  swirling through lives unable to discern truth from error. Those whose conscious mind is seared by selfish ambition with little or no sensitivity to the will, word or the wind of The Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, ”…his sheep follow him because they know his voice”  [John 10:4]

Praise God this morning if you are hearing His voice—keep following and it will provide a clear channel for knowing Him and power to fulfill your destiny.

Further Reading:    1 Samuel 15:22-23 ~ Proverbs 8:6-11 ~ John 10:1-5

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