”Get a grip on things.  Hold tight, you who are listening…” [Zechariah 8:9 The Message]

I was thinking the other day about the mental, emotional and even physical responses of those who have been in the war zones of the world—it can give us insight to those who suffer in all walks of life.  We’ve all been there—someone says something and immediately the response is—they are against me, I am in danger here—fear grips you rather than you gripping life.  It may come after long periods of stress when battle fatigue causes a physical, mental emotional response—a knee jerk reaction that takes you by surprise and seeks to steal your peace and sense of well being.

When memories of past injuries are touched by present circumstances the tendency to ‘run’ can be overwhelming.

The term ‘gun-shy’ is a simile.  However, when a man trains his hunting dog he does so little by little—he moves the dog closer to the sound of the shotgun until the dog has the steadiness to resist the urge to tuck tail and run.

Our Father will move you closer and closer to the darkness of this world and when He does He equips you with the power of the Holy Spirit to heal your wounds and change your reaction to Christ-like response.  The Mercy and Grace of God is not just for the salvation of the new-birth experience but the experiences of every day life.  God will give you life to overcome every circumstance and situation! ”…The person who wins out over the world’s ways is simply the one who believes Jesus is the Son of God” [1 John 5:4b TM] Get a grip knowing God will guide you!

Further Reading:  Zechariah 8:9-23 – Revelation 1

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