“…we count them blessed who endure…”  [James 5:11a]

Words have a way of ‘sticking’ to you—when our son was playing baseball and I was just learning the American language [ha!] I remember hearing the words ‘suck it up’ over and over again.  It bothered me a bit being English it sounded so ‘crass’ but over time I came to appreciate the meaning behind the words and how practical they were, especially in the game of life.   Faith is the ability to ‘suck it up’.

Ever consider what faith looks like?  Well here’s a clue—it’s faith that endures—it bears witness that there is a substance, a strength, a solution for the troubled times we live in.  It is Christ in you the hope of Glory that shines out into the darkness; it is the peace of His government of which there is no end!

There’s a resiliency that has been proven in those following Christ—now is the time to put your faith into action—with your mind stayed upon Him and endure like a good soldier. [2 Timothy 2:3]

We have talked, taught and trained much about—knowing your purpose—there is no greater purpose than to prove to the world the Kingdom of God has come—the enemy is defeated—this world is not all there is so let us live the overcoming life of enduring faith.

Further Reading:  Ezekiel 34:11-31 – 2 Timothy 2


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