“ So be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs, God’s strong hand is on you;…”  [1 Peter 5:6 The Message]

The greatest ‘sign’ of the presence of God is revealed in the way we live before our families, friends and neighbors.  Our willingness to be authentic, unashamed and unafraid of the responses of the world, is exactly the place of God’s shining.   Recently a friend, who had been listening to an evangelist share the basic message of sowing and reaping, was meditating on what she had heard when suddenly the Lord spoke to her in a far more profound way.

More than the basic giving and receiving—sowing and reaping what she heard was,   “Everything that has ever been invented or will be invented was or will be invented to solve a problem for mankind. God created you to solve a problem, too. You were created (invented) to solve a problem in God’s creation that only YOU in your uniqueness are suited to solve. You are here as a solution to a problem and he will supply all you need to be that solution.

Remember, you are not only a sign but you are the solution—you are gifted by God to be what is needful in this present hour.  The hand of God upon you means the heart of God is for you—His wisdom is given in the situations of life and proves His Presence—His grace will never lead you where His grace is unable to supply your need and the needs of those He sends your way—this is the inheritance of the saints of God.

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