“…Jesus said to them, “do you really believe I can do this?” They said, “Why, yes, Master!” (Matthew 9:28 The Message)

The story before us is one of two blind men.  They wanted to ‘see’.   In today’s vernacular seeing is believing, but not so with God.  With God believing is seeing!   God is in the business of bringing sight to the blind, deliverance to the captive, healing to the sick.  He is in the business of bringing His children all the way through.  He brought the children of Israel through the wilderness, through the Red Sea, through the Jordan and through 400 years of bondage.  He brought David through the valley of the shadow, through depression, through heartache, through death of a son and even through betrayal of those he had called his friends.

So what’s the problem?  Do not be so caught up in the size of the problem that you forget the size of your God.  “He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or even thing—according to the power that works within YOU!”  But it seems so long!  Now hear this, “For He will finish the work and cut it short” (Romans 9:28).  Look around you; everything is moving faster than ever before.  The toe of our Lord is on the accelerator.  He will cause you to sow with one hand and reap with the other (Amos 9:13). Therefore, sow to the Spirit. ”For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.” (Galatians 6:8)

But you say – this problem is impossible to solve.   You are correct, only God can do the impossible.  He is the solution to every situation.   Listen!  “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes”. (Proverbs 21:1)

Further Reading:  Genesis 18:13-14 ~ Mark 9:14-27