” When a gentle south wind began to blow…”  [Acts 27:13]

Trouble hardly ever begins ‘big’—it didn’t for the crew of this ship it was ‘just a gentle wind’ but suddenly the wind was hurricane force!  The ship took such a battering from the storm they began to throw the cargo overboard!  Paul’s words were—keep up your courage men… God is with us!

Why such a story—how is it relevant today?  Months ago there was the telltale signs, the rising costs, the faint signals—all was not well in the global economy until the day the whole world awakened to the cry… we’re in trouble with a capital “T”.

Some time ago Joe and I attended a prayer meeting in the home of a couple who knows how relevant this story is.  Caught in the latest economic crisis—they were holding a prayer meeting in their home, a home they built and loved but now in foreclosure—most of their belonging already moved out, plans made to relocate—but they were still praying—still trusting and still knowing God was with them.

Still believing God is able to turn things around we prayed, for this family and our nation and in that moment of naked truth was the awareness of what it means to loose all but still have the most precious gift of God’s presence.

Many are facing this and worse in our nation and around the world and our prayer is that they would hunger and seek to know the most glorious possession available to all men. —God’s Presence!

Further Reading:  Exodus 3:1-9 ~ Proverbs 10 ~ Acts 27:15-26

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