”…Daniel … went home… he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.” [Daniel 6:10]

Someone once said—“If you knew you only had 6 months to live how would you change your life?”  The best answer of course is nothing.   However, if trouble has knocked on your door—it may be a good time to change…think about it.

Daniel—“…got down on his knees and prayed…”  When trouble hit, Daniel didn’t have to start seeking for direction—he did what he always did, he faced his usual direction—the windows of his room were simply a reflection of the windows of his heart and the windows of heaven were open as he looked to God.

Daniel had formed a habit by repetition, ”…three times a day…” Choices create habits and habits form character—fair weather or fowl Godly character is steadfast.

Daniel chose an attitude ”…giving thanks to his God…” . He knew which direction to turn to and his habit kept his heart open and full of thanksgiving regardless.

Daniel did ”…just as he had done before.”   He turned to God in trouble because he turned to God in good times.

Trouble doesn’t make you who you are—it reveals that you are.  Trouble triggers reflexes that have long become a habit and sets in motion life long patterns.   Spiritual conception becomes a constant birthing of newly formed character when spiritual connection faces God with thanksgiving in the warp and woof of life.

Further reading:   Daniel 6 ~ John 14:1-6

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