Then the children of Israel moved…they departed and camped…at the edge of the wilderness.”  [Numbers 33:5-6]

We love the suddenness of God’s miracle working power, but what about the stages where God expects His people to move and keep on moving!  There’s nothing static about starting points with God.  One small step for man may be a giant step for God, but for mankind the real goal is always beyond; God’s people moved over 40 times in the wilderness.

Don’t be dismayed or discouraged if the same wind that opened the door for a new starting point seems to continue blowing and bringing continual change.  God is still on the move; keep going until you find yourself “…at the edge of the wilderness”.   At the edge – about the time you think you must have made a wrong turn, weariness takes over and you want to give up.  At that stage your dream is about to unfold, your vision about to be fulfilled.  It is time to enter the promised land!

The wilderness is basic training for equipping, empowering and attaining that which is necessary not only to reach the dream but fulfill the dream.  In the wilderness you learn how to stand in the authority of Jesus Christ, take dominion over all that would hinder you from possessing the promises of God and bring Him Glory.

Further Reading:  Numbers 33:5-56,   Proverbs 11:2-3a, Luke 8:22-25