“If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all” [Isaiah 6:8b]

As I gaze at the glory of a sky ablaze with indescribable beauty—the hues, colors and shades bring tears to my eyes and—I hear these Words. I am the same yesterday, today and forever—my love is from everlasting to everlasting—as surely as the sun rises and sets My covenant of love cannot be broken.  You read the words of man; you hear the voices of the prophets as they look toward the world and wonder.  Still yet they judge by the sight of their eye and fail to see.

The earth is resplendent with Glory it does not struggle in the battle but yields to the higher purpose just as My Son yielded to the Cross.   It is in the yielding that the power fills the man within and the Light of the world shines into the darkness.  I have walked before you to prepare you for such a time as this…are you yet willing to walk before me in humility and truth, truth that stands the tests of time and yields the fruit of righteousness? …and we say yes Lord!

My ministry journeys  are always filled with the love and joy of the Lord.  Touching hearts, enlightening eyes to understanding, healing and comforting those that mourn.  Calling many to ‘step-up-to-the plate’ in commitment to what He has already predestined them to do.

The truth that less is more, is a reality when so much happens in such a short time.

There’s a new revelation in my heart about standing faith this morning—the less we ‘try’ to do, the more we can ‘trust’ He is already doing and greater is the peace, love and joy we walk in.  It is said that Jesus could do nothing without the Father—and Jesus Himself said—“My Father is always working…”    Quit trying and trust more deeply this morning in the God of the covenant that cannot be broken.


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