”…Lord, what about him…” [John 21:21]

Peter had just been given instructions for ‘staying on track.’  He had been told, “Feed my sheep”.  But when he looked around at others who were not told to do the same thing his thought was- what about him?   Staying on track when others seem to walk in a different direction is not possible if you think that God deals in any way but uniquely one-on-one.  The Cross proves to us – we stand dependent on Him alone.  No-one to excuse us or make way for us or stay on track for us.  Each is responsible for one track – his own!

So many have shared with me either by mail or in person directions they are being given that though there are similarities in situations the leading of God is uniquely different.  Also, there are those that the situations are different and the leading of God is uniquely the same!  Only one thing creates stability and understanding that the track is correct – His Living Word!

The one key ingredient that sounds from precious brothers and sisters is this –there is a cross to bear to staying on track.  There is suffering that creates a measure of trust they have not known before.  Like Peter, they are willing to walk on the water to get to Him and in the process find untold pleasure in His presence and peace in staying on track.  It may be strange, but it is a track laid out uniquely for them.

Further Reading:   John 21; Psalm 5; Proverbs 4:18-27