The fruit of My presence reveals My people have been—founded and established by faith, fearlessly moving forward and forged to fit the work.

You are mine and My Word shall not return void but it shall accomplish all that has been destined in your life.  Even those things thought to be dead shall spring forth with life.  I have watered and I even now nurture the seeds that have been sown, the way has been hard but your heart is mine and I shall repay says the Lord.  Great shall be the fruit of these days as you move in Me along the path that I have set before you.  Lean hard child and remain in My love, remain in My peace, let My joy flow out of you like a river that knows no bounds for I shall continually reset any boundary line that I have chosen.  Live into what I have already provided for you, there is so much more for I shall provide ALL that is needed to fulfill My plan, My purpose for your life.   Let My mercy sweep over every care.  Every thought of lack is washed away by My provision, let nothing impinge but stay in the palm of my hand and receive.

Isaiah 55:1-9

“Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress tree”[v.13]

Diane M. Hale – 7/2013