Come to Me, all you who labor and …I will give you rest.” [Matthew 11:28]

I hear the soft tread of house slippers coming near the study and then the words—“I’ve put the kettle on”.  After more than four decades of our relationship I know the meaning of Joe’s message—let’s take a break and rest in relationship—let’s spend some time together.

This is a measure of the meaning of resting in the relationship we have with the Master.  Just a soft word—impression of the heart—longing of the soul—let’s take a break, come apart and spend some time with me.

We are a peculiar people who somehow feel that the final measure of a person’s spirituality is to be gauged by their capacity to go, go, go…for God.  On the contrary, our Father calls us to come apart and spend some time in solitude with him. —W. Phillip Keller – {Solitude for Serenity and Strength.}

Resting in God is more than ‘taking a break’—yet every once in awhile we will hear the sound of heaven calling us to slip aside and leave the place of activity to rest in relationship.  Just a little while—not talking—just being and the power of presence gives us a glimpse of something far beyond ourselves, and a strength to endure our days.

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