”In awe before the glory, in awe before God’s visible power.  Stand at attention! Dress your best to honor him!” [Psalm 29:2 The Message]

There is a ‘battle royal’ going on—the difference between those who stand and those who are slaughtered on the battlefield is twofold:  Surrender and Sight!  We’ve heard the word repentance until like an old movie the best we can do is add a little color and keep using the same old reels to play it.   Like the story of the king in his birthday suit everyone is dancing to the same tune and repeating the same old verbiage.

Thank God for the battle—it provides a choice—not always a crossroad, sometimes just a fork in the road but it’s a crucial place.  God’s ‘attention getter’s are many and vary from sickness, dangers, accidents, terrorism, viruses, financial disaster, yes and even great blessing in worldly terms. God is behind and Sovereign over every situation—He has a plan—He has a purpose and He has said—get ready!

It’s ‘high noon’ time to face the enemy and get caught in the problem or turn to God and see His Glory.  We will know who has surrendered to God by the stand they take and the uniform they wear.  ”For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ”.  [Galatians 3:27] Having been defeated by Admiral Nelson and knowing of his reputation as a man of merciful treatment to his prisoners, the leader of the captured vessel held out his hand to Admiral Nelson—Nelson’s response was, “Sir, first your sword then your hand.”

The God we approach is not swayed by our half-hearted attempts to know Him—He requires full surrender.  Full surrender results in seeing Him just as Joshua and his predecessor Moses did and in seeing heard Him say; ”Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.” [Joshua 5:13-15]


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