”…no one is able to snatch them out of My hand.”  [John 10:27 AMP]

There’s a tension line created by the life of faith.  God holds our lives as an arrow in the stretch of the bow and only when the moment of His choosing arrives does He release the life and the substance of our faith, bears fruit that lasts forever.  Faith stands on the edge  of ~ light and dark ~ war and peace ~ sight and blindness ~ sickness and health ~ lack and abundance ~.  Tension, like trial and triumph become the steel produced in the backbone and iron in the soul.

Someone once said that Christians begin their journey with soft skins and hard hearts, but the on-going life of faith in Christ produces those who are tough skinned and soft hearted. “To walk with God means the perpetual realization of the nature of faith, viz., that it must be tried or it is mere fancy, faith un-tried has no character-value for the individual.” [Oswald Chambers]

This is the faith that King David revealed in his transaction with Araunah, when he said, “… I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” The nature of faith costs and it is the cost that makes faith precious and powerful.  Once faith is formed and fashioned by the tension lines of life it transforms the area of life that is being stretched—and you are never the same!

Faith is like a muscle which grows stronger and stronger with use, rather than rubber, which weakens when it is stretched—[J.O. Fraser, missionary to China].  Remember you may have little faith this morning but you have a big God—He knows exactly how much to stretch your faith and why it is necessary.

Further reading:  2 Samuel 24:18-25  ~ Luke 11:5-13


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