So this is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much but well….”  [Philippians 1: 9 The Message]

Everyone knows that life is not a bowl of cherries.  Life is often hard and the bowl often becomes a pit and love seems to ‘go out the window’!  The depth and type of love that Paul speaks of is not a soft, sentimental feeling, but tough, persistent, resistant to worldly ways and able to keep going when the going is tough.  When you’ve prayed all the prayers, you’ve held steady in faith, you’ve applied all the natural practical things you know to do, and someone says, “just stand”!  This is where commitment lives.

“To stand, despite the warfare, to stand, despite the resistance, to stand, despite the hassles, to stand, despite the weariness, to stand, despite the distresses; to stand, despite the temptation; to stand; despite personal failure and collapse; to stand, despite the grief; to stand, despite the loneliness; to stand, even when chained, just to stand! “ [The Secret of Standing – Bob Sorge]

This kind of love can be yours in times of great weakness and need.  Bob Sorge goes on to say. “One of our prime responsibilities [and privileges!], is to stand before the Lord to minister to Him.  In the secret place we simply stand.  No great agenda, no mighty ambitions, no rush to move on to the next thing.  We just stand before Him and love Him.”  This is the place of learning to love with the love that God calls us to and graces us with.  When all else fails this won’t.  It’s the power of love that just stands!

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