You, Oh Lord, are our Father…” (Isaiah 63:16)

I looked across the room and was caught by the scene of a young women quietly rocking back and forth, held tightly to her breast lay a tiny infant peacefully resting in the cradle of her arms.  Tears silently streamed down her face.  I knew her heart was breaking.  Not for this child, but the one she had birthed and lost years before.  This one was not hers, but for just a moment this tiny babe was an instrument of comfort to her heart.

I have seen many such scene’s in houses of rehabilitation; young women struggling with the consequences of bad choices and seemingly endless unsolvable problems.

What struck me at those moments was how much our heavenly Father desires to hold us, comfort us and does weep over us.   He is the hope in hopeless situations.  The God we serve is; “A father of the fatherless …” (Psalm 68:5).   There are many who have never known a father or they have suffered abuse from their earthly parents.  We sometimes call them the ‘walking wounded’.   Jesus said bring them to me; “If you have seen me you have seen the Father”.  (John 14:9)  He said, this is how I want you to pray, just talk to the Father and say…our father….  We struggle at times with this Holy God, but Jesus has made the way, paid the price and opened the door representing His Father and ours.

Just as my young friend held that tiny babe our Father says He is holding us, Jesus said, “My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand.”(John 10:29)  We have free access into His Presence where we can cry ‘abba’ or daddy, anytime night or day.  If you are hurting this morning let this be your hearts cry…

I long to touch the Father, to look into His face and to thank Him for His Mercy and overwhelming Grace. Though robed in Holy Splendor my sin He sees no more.  For Jesus shed His Blood for me and became the open door. Today walk with the Son through the door and talk to the Father.

Further Readings:  Isaiah 63; John 14