Your teacher will be right there, local and on the job…”  [Isaiah 30:21a TM]

No flashing lights, loud sounding trumpets or deep base booming voices—just a gentle nudge!  More often or not this is the way the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us through the moments of our day.  The slightest nudge and suddenly the greatest act of service are performed, a miracle of kindness is shown, lives are changed and God is pleased.

How easy is that!  Yet if you’re like me I shudder at all the ‘nudges’ I didn’t heed—and I wonder…but what is done is done opportunity is missed and we move on.    I do believe it’s easier for God to either hinder or use what was not His nudge far more readily than He will make us respond to a nudge.  We have a choice and the more we respond to the ‘nudge’ the easier it becomes.

A nudge can change a mundane moment into a mighty miracle—it’s the way the Spirit teaches us about risk taking—walking by faith—recognizing His leading—and growing us up in our relationship to Him.  Nudges are the still small voice, one without words that come from His finger of compassion impressing the soul.

Nudges are often toward meeting the needs of others—of connecting the dots to provide a network and establish the benchmark for love that never fails. Listen for His ‘nudge’ today!

Further Reading:  Isaiah 55:1-9; Proverbs 4:20-23; John 16:5-15

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