Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”  [Colossians 4:6

Growth and development always means struggling through to different levels of understanding and understanding requires interaction with others.  We cannot grow alone we are made to need each other!  The one who is the greatest irritant in your life can become the greatest blessing—if you refuse to quit the process of communication.

Here are the five pillars created by grace, linked by a circle of healthy relationships and grow with the linking by conversation.

1. Communication—is a continuous and costly process, to break the process is to immediately stifle personal growth.  The greater the struggle the greater the emotional impact. Keep going—take time-out and keep the bigger picture in mind

2. Communication—will produce community!  The sense of belonging to each other in Christ—it is a camaraderie that cannot be measured and will not be broken.

3. Community—evolves into communion!  A level of oneness and harmony in Christ that is all-powerful nothing is impossible to those living in communion with God and each other

4. Communion—is bound together by the compassion that opens every man’s heart and commitment to the great commission brings growth.

5. Commitment—without a sound you communicate—who you are—where you come from —–and what your purpose of life is all about.

Further Reading: Exodus 4-7; Mark 15-16

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