”…The hand of God has turned the tide—the hand of God is raised in victory!” [Psalm 118:16]

What a glorious place to be lifted to—the God who created the ebb and flow has turned the tide!  He has done the impossible to man, but possible to God thing.  That’s a miracle!

This chapter written by David the beloved of God found itself settled down slap in the middle of the bible.  It is a chapter of glorious praise for all God has done before and all God will yet do!  He is not just the God of yesterday’s miracles, but His supernatural power is working among us…today!

What is David’s secret?  The middle chapter in the bible has given us the first clue—it’s full of praise—praise for the past—praise for the present—and praise for the prophetic yet to come.  However the middle verse in the bible is the greatest unveiled secret for David’s victorious life of victory.  Listen! “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.” [Psalm 118:8-9]

David’s position of victory was found in his trust in God and in so doing He had found the center not only of God’s Word, but of God’s Will.  God longs to meet the needs of His children and that is where miracles are waiting to happen.

A heart full of praise is so lifted to see beyond the shifting sands and tidal waves of life it can glimpse the brilliant dawn of victory gained and there rest in God’s sure reward.  Already achieved through the Cross the life of Christ is the miracle working power for every circumstance.

If you’re looking for a miracle—if you’re expecting the impossible to be manifested in your life—then turn and face God.  Sink into the soft center of all He has said and sing the song of victory.  His hand can and will turn the tide and lift you to a place of glorious victory.