The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…”  (Psalm 37:23a)

How often do you say to yourself.  “Oh well that wasn’t important, or I’ll do it tomorrow”?  If you cherished your time  as much as you cherish your bank account would you pay less attention to how you spend time or more?  Do you ever ‘kill’ time or are you in the habit of ‘using’ time.  Is your time  taken up with what affects you or what influences others?  Do you spend inordinate  time  searching your own soul or being an instrument to save other souls?  Do you ever say “ if only I had enough time”?  We have all been given 86,400 seconds a day, so ask your-self how can I be sure my time is being used wisely?

The Psalmist says something very valuable to us.  God orders our steps!  Here’s how you can live in the reality of his words; Trust God with your time .  There is spontaneity when the Holy Spirit is within to guide the way without – we don’t have to judge the way without when the judge is living within.  TIME is Truth Internalized Motivating Eternal order.  In his book Soul Tsunami the author Leonard Sweet says; “Time, not money, is the currency of the 21st century.  The “new poverty,” according to Jacob Needleman, is time starvation.  People have chosen to embrace things over time, the material over the spiritual.  We can do things faster, but is our life better for the speed?  Does an increased pace of social life add or detract from human existence?”

Nothing that is happening today is outside of the knowledge of God.  However, He has given us the responsibility and the wisdom to cope with the acceleration of external activity.  He empowers us from within to move slowly through the maze of technological advancement and the influence it has upon us, in such a way we minimize the frenzy and maintain control of our lives.  Speed on the outside does not constitute spinning on the inside, remember the one who ordered your steps will keep you from spinning.  Automatic cars have left us with the inability to ‘gear down manually’.  Put your foot on the clutch – disconnect from the external power source and take charge of your life.

Remember today…be still and know God!

Further Reading:   Psalm 23