The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands” [Psalm 115:4 AMP]

To ‘do’ the word as James says, [James 1:22-25] is a spontaneous attitude based on the wisdom of God.   As it is spoken it is also lived.   It does not consider payment….it cannot be full and flowing while evaluating the results whatever that might be.  “Receiving my instruction in preference to striving for silver and knowledge rather than choice gold.”  [Proverbs 8:10 AMP]

The rain constantly beating down to earth, the fog shrouding the mountains—the stillness and lack of ability to see beyond the tall oaks – all give a sense of being ‘closed’ in – a tight, restricted place that causes the mind to strive and the emotions to struggle.  To resist is useless, but to yield is to accept and be one with the fog knowing that the presence of the sun will burn away the restrictions, loose the tightness and open up the way for greater vision, greater freedom and greater harvest!

The sense of this pressing in has gained in momentum until the awareness of ‘something’ is so great it is almost tangible.  It can only truly be matched by reaching the other side—live beyond, picked up in another world, thus the ‘sense’ is so great only death can break the cords of yesterday.  For me to live is Christ and to die is gain!

I must shake the dust of ‘used-to-be’ and receive the diamonds in today—as Jeremiah said [15:19]”…to extract the precious from the vile…” —I must move on…. I take hold of the hand of wisdom to walk in the way of righteousness, moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation, in the midst of the paths of justice. [Proverbs 8:20]

Prayer:    Lord I repent and renounce all that holds the stench of dust and death, I surrender to the enshrouding of this life new place in you and accept the agenda of heaven—to do, to will and walk in the newness that waits beyond the veil of mystery in You.